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The CoXa BackPack is a new ergonomic backpack.
It puts the weight on your hips instead of your shoulders and neck. It lets you move around with your arms free.

The CoXa BackPack comes with an amazing buckle, the CoXa Buckle.
It´s our own design and patent. Manufactured exclusively for CoXa by world leading Duraflex.
It´s developed for just one purpose; to be the heart of a unique ergonomic carrying system.

The CoXa BackPack is safe.
It´s easy to put on and take off.
If you are a climber and you get stuck, you can remove it in a second if needed.
In addition to all this we have added some must-haves and some of our own smart solutions.
Easy storage, room for a water reservoir, smart pockets and space for you smartphone and tablet and all your others gadgets you can´t live without.
It comes with 3M reflex so you are visible in traffic.

The CoXa BackPack is perfect for people on the move. If you commute to work, you will love the slim fit.
If you like walking or trekking it´s a gift!
It´s perfect for mountain biking, skiing, climbing or any kind of sport where you need a backpack.

So you think you can dance?
Who doesn´t. The CoXa BackPack feels so light and fits so close to your body that you can work on your moves without worrying.
No problems.
You can even do a handstand. If you can do it without a backpack, you will find that it´s just as easy to do a cartwheel with or without The CoXa BackPack.

What´s it made from?
To build the best backpack ever we have only used the best materials. The back of the pack, facing your own back, is made from 3D nylon mesh. This gives a soft touch, yet let´s your skin breathe. The backpack is safe and strong, but still light and smooth.

What about the name?
CoXa means hip in latin.
But we didn´t want it to be too hip, so we chose CoXa. The X is always typed with a capital letter and reminds us about our carrying system that re-directs the weight from your shoulders to your hips.

We hope that you will enjoy your new backpack.
Thanks for choosing CoXa.

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